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GOLINTL project: awareness campaign

What happens when you decide to sell your company and house, buy a camper and start travelling and offering other people your help?

Helping someone else creates the best kind attention you can get!

GOLINTL’s William & Christal will start their journey in april 2019 together with their son Ari (3 months old) and sausagedog Donny (16 months old).
First they are heading of to France to help on a camping la Roche Canillac.
They bought the GOLINTL camper from the Teske family, the owners of the camping.
Also want to meet our GOLINTL team?
Please select your location on the map and let them know how they can help you out. GOLINTL’s Christal & William have a marketing & education background but can help with lots of stuff. They think out of the box and like to help with anything. For example cleaning, moving, photography, (drone)video’s, promotion or maybe a good Dutch meal!
William sold his (social media) marketing company in 2018 and wanted to use his skills en social media channels (300k+ followers) to raise awareness for the negative effects of the online addiction these days. He creates (online) awareness campaigns en raises money to organize events for the less fortunate. The local school kids and their parents can help at the events. Christal was a primary school teacher, she makes the educational programs that support the events.
Last year they sold their house and bought a camper to start the GOLINTL project. After a little (beautiful) delay, the arrival of son Ari (born 25-11-2018) they have decided to start the journey around the 15th of april .
Do you have any questions or a good idea where the GOLINTL-project team must go? Please mail to!